It’s always puzzled me when my Mother would turn to me and say “you’re going out like that?” when I came downstairs with no make up on. Sure, I’ll be the first to admit, I am not one of those people that are blessed with a great complexion, even skin tone and scar-free face; I’m very far from that. But I detest wearing make up on a regular basis.

Firstly, I really can’t be bothered. Sitting there in the morning for almost an hour. I take my theoretical hat off to those that enjoy that regime and I seriously wish I had the motivation to but…sleep is great and a rare pleasure for someone who has insomnia.

Secondly, I can’t ever find a foundation to suit my skin complexion. I either look really fair or really orange or my face coverage is great but my neck will always look way lighter than my face. Overall, I tend to manage to not look overwhelmingly “caked” and *cough* flawless. Ha!

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I definitely enjoy wearing make up when I go out. That’s the only time I enjoy spending an hour (though it’ll be more like 20 minutes tops because I’m always running late) in front of the mirror, spending the majority of the time trying to get my eyeliner flicks even.

But what I really want to highlight is that girls/women are beautiful either way (duh!). If you have the confidence to step out of the house with or without make up, heck even stepping out of the house is a great accomplishment (and sometimes I find even that difficult). I’ve been bedridden for a week now with a lousy chest infection and laryngitis and thought to experiment with contouring; make use of the 50 shades of foundations (that do not match me) and see where it gets me…

Then *lightbulb moment* I thought of this great hashtag #MulanMoment – I’m sure (and hope) most of you have watched Mulan. Remember the scene in the song ‘Reflections’ when Mulan wipes half the make up off her face? It’s a memorable moment and being the disney fan that I am; I thought to make it a hashtag to get girls (and hey let’s not gender stereotype here, boys wear make up too!) to show me your #MulanMoment.

What you need to do:

  1. Snap a picture where half your face is make-up free and the other…well…has make up on.
  2. Hashtag it #MulanMoment
  3. Upload on any social media and email me while you’re at it: thefashionfoe@gmail.com

I’ll do a small collage if it “goes viral” ha!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

(That’s mine, excuse the awkward smile) The point of this is to represent that you are beautiful with or without make up. You should feel confident with or without make up. A girl isn’t “less attractive” “less feminine” without make up. A girl who wears make up isn’t “vain” or “over-confident”. A boy who wears make up doesn’t make him “gay” and if he is gay then “Four for you Glen Coco, You go Glen Coco!” – You should feel beautiful regardless of gender stereotypes. You flawless!


Alex  xo


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