Disney + Dementia


Disney. Oh, the saviour of animation. It has always uplifted me during my lowest and catapulted me into a peak of joyous high. My life has been lived, fascinated by animation; how hand drawn/computerised characters of peoples imagination are brought to life and given a personality that so often, I see myself in. My love and admiration for Disney (Pixar too) has been present since I can remember. A vivid memory of the days when I had a temperature and my Mum would allow me to miss school and I’d snuggle up with my nan on the couch whilst Mum was at work and we’d watch Disney movies on VHS one after the other. All wrapped up with my blanket, a hot water bottle, my teddy bear and a nice cup of greek chai and I’d rest my head on my nan’s overgrown pop belly that’d vibrate when she’d laugh at Rufus from Cinderella being teased by Gus.

It wasn’t until a couple years back that I really indulged in my love for Disney and kinda built it into my life. Looking back, I think the reason why my passion and excitement increased was because I looked at Disney movies as a source of emotional memories I’d want to cherish. I’d play them now and sit with my nan and watch them for her to gain a sense of familiarity. See, my nan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia (now thinking about it, 2 years ago) and though we’ve inevitably lost that closeness we once had, when I play a disney movie, we’d just mould into our old selves, cuddle up and laugh and sing along.



Disney and Pixar and Disney World and Disneyland Paris and my movie collection and my snow globes, they all excite me and bring out the kid inside that had to grow up very quickly and didn’t have much of a childhood. I am unbelievably jealous of my friends who live in California and get to visit Disneyland like, every weekend, likeeeee…you are so “fuh-reaking” lucky.

Last Christmas, Disney released the limited edition O-Ring collection that featured the main characters of the films on a new shiny sleeve cover. Most were priced at £7 with the more popular ones at £10-£15 and the less popular at £3-4. They were available at HMV, Amazon and even Primark. I knew as soon as I saw them, during the christmas shopping rush, that I had to collect them; all 52.

I started slow, I asked people to get them for me for my birthday and christmas present as my birthday and christmas are so close together (2 weeks apart). I spent most of my money on them, hunting for the missing ones that I needed to complete the collection. Some rare ones were even going for £600 on eBay! It took just over a month and finally, I had it completed.

photo 1


See the thing is, when I put my mind to something, I obsess over it. I can’t rest until I’m satisfied. Once I finished my dvd collection, I then wanted to start collecting Disney snow globes. They’ve always interested me and always been something I’ve wanted to collect ever since I saw my aunts collection. My mum surprised me on Christmas day with the Frozen snow globe and a small Alice in Wonderland mini snow globe and that’s when it all began. Fast forward to 3 months down the line and I’m 13 snow globes more and my windowsill never looked prettier.


Alex xo

P.S You can follow my disney instagram: @disneymsft (features my collections)

P.P.S I have no also launched my new domain THEFASHIONFOE.com where I’ll be updating there from now on. I will make a last and final post to all those who follow this blog but after a week, I will delete/redirect this site.



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